Casey Kasem's Rock n' Roll Goldmine | Elvis, The Echo Will Never Die DVD

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Casey Kasem's Rock n' Roll Goldmine : Elvis, The Echo Will Never Die DVD is a classic -- The title says it all: Elvis Presley's 'echo will never die', and no matter how many times the legend is re-told, it won't alter the fact that he was the most influential single figure in rock & roll history. Hosted by Casey Kasem (like all five titles in the Rock n' Roll Goldmine series, which are available both separately and in a boxed set), the 48-minute documentary certainly has its moments, but that famous echo is a little faint this time around.

Too much of this is little more than a perfunctory recitation of the familiar Presley legend: the gospel and blues roots of his music; the early Sun Records days; his stint in the Army and marriage to Priscilla; his many movies in the '60s (highlighted by a few too-brief clips) and return to live performing late in that decade; his '70s decline; and so on. There are some entertaining excerpts from actual Presley interviews, and numerous talking heads (B.B. King, friends and members of the 'Memphis Mafia', and Sammy Davis Jr.) weigh in. But for the most part, they have little of significance to impart (actress Ursula Andress, who appeared in 'Fun in Acapulco' with Elvis, reports that he was 'a very good-looking man'). The Echo Will Never Die may not be the bottom of the barrel, but you can see it from here. -- Sam Graham.