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The Stock Status is so you can make an informed choice as to if, when and how you order.

  • Not In Stock simply means we don't have any on hand.
  • It does NOT mean the item is 'Sold Out' and/or we can't get more.
  • Orders containing 'Not In Stock' items will be sent ONLY when all available **
  • Not In Stock FTD titles are available only with the next new FTD Release.
  • You can check here to see what is the next announced FTD release. (If there is one).
  • With most items, we will not be able to tell you when we will have the item.
  • We will order for you (if not already on order) and supply you when we have it.

Great Idea !!!! Don't Miss out | It is important to still order

Don't wait to order! | Some people wait to order only when the Status says 'In Stock' but it is possible we can sell out of what we ordered before the order arrives to us.

When do we send Not In Stock Items?

If you order an item marked 'Not In Stock' as part of a larger order, the entire order will not be sent until all items are available.

** However, if and when we are sending ANOTHER order to you we will include any and all 'In Stock' items from other orders you may have placed.

In the case of FTD, if the item is not available at the time of the next new release we will send in-stock items in the order as soon as we know that. You won't have to wait longer than you expected at the time you ordered!

What does 'FTD No Stock' mean?

Follow That Dream (FTD) are currently out of stock of this title. It will NOT be available until (at least) the release following the currently announced release.

What does 'In Stock Soon' mean?

'In Stock Soon' means we have an order containing the item (could be just 1, could be dozens or more) on the way to us. But, there is also no guarantee that the items (or item) won't sell out before they arrive to us. So you should place an order ...

Or if you don't like waiting, simply look for something else that we have in stock!

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Pre-order Conditions

We keep you updated about every pre-order title via the 'Release Status' page.

We should NOT need to answer emails further to this as to when a title will be released/sent to us/sent to you. View. How the 'Release Status' page works ...

Orders will be sent ONLY when the 'Pre-order' is available.

Follow That Dream (FTD) are currently out of stock of this title. It will not be available until the release following the currently announced release.