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How To Use Our WebPortal

Not Receiving a reply from us? | Read this ... Look !!!!!!!!!

The WebPortal is for anyone who does not receive our emails (Due to Spam filters). Most people will receive an email each time we reply to which they can simply reply to in order to correspond with us. However if you don't you can use our Online WebPortal.

You will automatically have a log-in after you have submitted your first 'Support Request'.

To create a new 'Support Request' you need to use the contact us web forms each time.

Sign in or create a new Support Request 'Ticket'

Access WebPortal

How to use the WebPortal (This page)

How To Use ...

Once signed in ... How to use the Online WebPortal


You will see the menu as pictured above as well as any and all 'Support Request' Tickets you have submitted. Usually, these will be in one of the following categories. Referred to below as a 'Ticket'. Below this all 'Tickets' you have ever summited.


New : indicates and means your 'Ticket' has not yet been answered by us.


Updated : means we have posted a reply and set the Ticket to updated. (It will auto close when the last post is unanswered by either yourself or us).


Open : also means we have posted a reply, however, we have set it to 'open' because we have a reason to think the Ticket may need to be open longer than 10 days.

Updated and Closed.

Updated & Closing Soon : means we have posted a reply and believe that the matter raised has been answered and the Ticket can close. However, it is actually still open and like the 'Updated' status it will auto close in 7 days. So you can still either reply via email or open it via the portal. One advantage is it does not show in our admin as 'New' and where someone simply says 'thank you', we do see that, but don't need to open the ticket to close it again.


Closed : means closed. If you try to submit a message via a closed Ticket we will not see it.

How To open and read an existing 'Support Request'

1. Click the Subject (as per what you entered when submitting).

2. If required click 'Expand All' to view all posts both by us and you.

To reply


1. To reply click the arrow as per the arrow/image at above.

A message box will open.

Type your message then click 'send reply'.



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Pre-order Conditions

We keep you updated about every pre-order title via the 'Release Status' page.

We should NOT need to answer emails further to this as to when a title will be released/sent to us/sent to you. View. How the 'Release Status' page works ...

Orders will be sent ONLY when the 'Pre-order' is available.

Follow That Dream (FTD) are currently out of stock of this title. It will not be available until the release following the currently announced release.