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From Elvis In Memphis : 40th Anniversary Legacy Edition : 2 CD Set (Elvis Presley)


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From Elvis In Memphis : 40th Anniversary Legacy Edition 2 CD Set contains 36 tracks across 2 CDs, including 10 original mono single masters. (And after all these were the actual hit records most have not actually heard!) This release commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' historic American Studio sessions that resulted in 'Suspicious Minds', 'In the Ghetto' and 'Kentucky Rain' among many others. The recordings have been remastered from the original album masters for optimum sound quality.

After a 14-year absence from Memphis, Elvis Presley returned to cut what was certainly his greatest album (or, at least, a tie effort with his RCA debut LP, Elvis Presley, from early 1956). The fact that From Elvis in Memphis came out as well as it did is something of a surprise, in retrospect -- Presley had a backlog of songs he genuinely liked that he wanted to record and had heard some newer soul material that also attracted him, and none of it resembled the material that he'd been cutting since his last non-soundtrack album, six years earlier. And he'd just come off of the NBC television special which, although a lot of work, had led him to the realization that he could be as exciting and vital a performer in 1969 as he'd been a dozen years before. And for what was practically the last time, the singer cut his manager, Tom Parker, out of the equation, turning himself over to producer Chips Moman. The result was one of the greatest white soul albums (and one of the greatest soul albums) ever cut, with brief but considerable forays into country, pop, and blues as well. Presley sounds rejuvenated artistically throughout the dozen cuts off the original album, and he's supported by the best playing and backup singing of his entire recording history.

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Stereo / Mono A/B samples from -- From Elvis In Memphis - 40th Anniversary 2 CD Edition

Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Suspicious Minds -- Stereo / Mono A/B Sample Pop Up Window - (01:15)
Elvis Presley MP3 Audio In The Ghetto -- Stereo / Mono A/B Sample Pop Up Window - (01:13)

(Stereo sample of Suspicious Minds from the BMG Release, Suspicious Minds, The Memphis 1969 Anthology)

CD 1 (16 Tracks)

The original 'From Elvis In Memphis' album with additional tracks:

From Elvis In Memphis01. Wearin' That Loved On Look
02. Only The Strong Survive
03. I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)
04. Long Black Limousine
05. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
06. I'm Movin' On
07. Power Of My Love
08. Gentle On My Mind
09. After Loving You
10. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
11. Any Day Now
12. In The Ghetto

Bonus Tracks

13. I'll Be There
14. Hey Jude
15. If I'm A Fool (For Loving You)
16. Who Am I?

CD2 (20 Tracks)

The original 'Back In Memphis' album with additional tracks:

Elvis : Back In Memphis01. Inherit The Wind
02. This Is The Story
03. Stranger In My Own Hometown
04. A Little Bit Of Green
05. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
06. Do You Know Who I Am?
07. From A Jack To A King
08. The Fair's Moving On
09. You'll Think Of Me
10. Without Love (There Is Nothing)

Bonus Mono Singles

11. In The Ghetto
12. Any Day Now
13. The Fair's Moving On
14. Suspicious Minds
15. You'll Think Of Me On
16. Don't Cry Daddy
17. Rubberneckin'
18. Kentucky Rain
19. My Little Friend
20. Mama Liked The Roses

General Info:

After returning from service in the US Army, Elvis Presley spent the next several years focusing on his acting career, yielding hit films and blockbuster soundtracks. It was, however almost a decade away from the stage and recording proper studio albums. In January 1969, seeking to gain back some artistic control, Elvis produced some of his most significant work ever during a two week long series of recording sessions at American Studios in Memphis. These were the first recording sessions after his triumphant comback TV special ELVIS that aired in December of 1968 and the first recording sessions in Memphis since he left Sun Records for RCA in 1955. A total of 32 masters were cut, the first release was the LP From Elvis In Memphis featuring the hit single 'In The Ghetto', followed by three hit single releases; 'Suspicious Minds', 'Don't Cry Daddy', and 'Kentucky Rain'. A second album was released as one half of the double album From Memphis To Vegas-From Vegas To Memphis, which features the utterly brilliant Percy Mayfield blues 'Stranger In My Own Home Town' and 4 additional tracks were later released on different LPs. In a career that was full of triumphs, Elvis' recordings at American Studios stand as one of the absolute highlights.

This is the Legacy Edition of one of Elvis' most significant albums, the critically acclaimed June 1969 release, From Elvis In Memphis. This brand new 2-CD set contains all tracks from the sessions recorded at American Studios in Memphis in January and February of 1969, newly remastered for optimum sound quality.

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From Elvis In Memphis : Elvis Presley CD

Personnel: Elvis Presley (vocals, guitar, piano); Reggie Young (guitar); John Hughey (steel guitar); The Memphis Horns (horns); Bobby Wood (piano); Bobby Emmons (organ); Ed Hollis (harmonica); Mike Leech, Tom Cogbill (bass); Gene Chrisman (drums); Mary Greene, Donna Thatcher, Susan Pilkington, Sonja Montgomery, Mildred Kirkham, Dolores Edgin, Joe Babcock, Hurschel Wiginton (background vocals). Recorded at American Studios, Memphis, Tennessee in January & February 1969. Includes liner notes by Peter Guralnick, Colin Escott.

Compilation produced and art directed by Ernst Mikael Jørgensen and Roger Semon

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