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Elvis In Person : The 1969 Fantasy Concert DVD is an incredible complete show created using a tremendous collection of footage to make a very enjoyable show. Elvis' 'first live performance in nine years' is finally in film format. The audio is as we all know it, the video comes from various sources, some of it well know, other very rare, but the overall experience is breathtaking! Buy Now.

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Elvis: 'Past Masters - Volume 2' CD


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The Elvis: 'Past Masters - Volume 2' CD is a collection of 25 tracks from Elvis' catalogue. The majority of these tracks were not available on his original albums.

Past Masters consists of A- and B-sides from Elvis' singles and Extended Play's (EP's), very hard to find Long Play (LP) album versions and some previously unreleased versions in great binaural sound. The main part of the single and Extended Play (EP) versions appeared in a different form or sound on his Long Play albums.

Also included are the full contents of the original 'TV Guide Presents Elvis Presley' record (released in September 1956) and the original USA 'The Truth About Me' promotional cardboard disc (original US edit as released in November 1956). Again a great collection of rarities! Just like the first volume of 'Past Masters'.

Past Masters - Volume 2

01. Wild In The Country (Elvis For Everyone RCA UK stereo album version) 1:52
02. Good Rockin' Tonight (Sun 78rpm version A-side) * 2:13
03. Mama (binaural album master) * 2:17
04. I Want To Be Free (binaural record version) 2:14
05. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Sun 78rpm version B-side) * 2:28
06. Old Shep (take 5, released on some original pressings of Elvis 2nd album) 3:54
07. I Got Lucky (Kid Galahad RCA EP version B-side) 1:55
08. A Whistling Tune (Kid Galahad RCA EP version B-side) 2:46
09. I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Sun 78rpm version, B-side) * 2:27
10. A Big Hunk O' Love (RCA single version A-side) 2:15
11. Little Sister (Return Of The Rocker RCA album version) 2:30
12. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Sun 78rpm version, B-side) * 2:37
13. I Want To Be Free (Jailhouse Rock RCA EP master B-side) ** 2:14
14. Treat Me Nice (binaural MGM composite movie version) 2:02
15. King Of The Whole Wide World (Kid Galahad RCA EP version A-side) 2:09
16. Home Is Where The Heart Is (Kid Galahad RCA EP version B-side) 1:51
17. That's All Right (RCA single version A-side) 1:59
18. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (RCA single version B-side) 2:05
19. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) (binaural master) * 1:29
20. That's Someone You Never Forget (RCA mono single master A-side) ** 2:48
21. Baby Let's Play House (live version, USA RCA single A-side) 2:44
22. Hound Dog (live, USA RCA single version B-side) 3:54
23. The Truth About Me (The Truth About Me USA cardboard disc) ** 2:11
24. Jay Thompson Interview (A Legendary Performer Volume 2) ** 3:21
25. Band 1: 'Pelvis' Nickname - Band 2: Adult's Reaction - Band 3: First Public Appearance
Band 4: How 'Rockin' Motion' Started (TV Guide Presents Elvis Presley) ** 2:33

* Previously unreleased by Elvis' record company.
** Previously unreleased by Elvis' record company on CD.

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