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FTD | Follow That Dream
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Elvis In Person : The 1969 Fantasy Concert DVD is an incredible complete show created using a tremendous collection of footage to make a very enjoyable show. Elvis' 'first live performance in nine years' is finally in film format. The audio is as we all know it, the video comes from various sources, some of it well know, other very rare, but the overall experience is breathtaking! Buy Now.

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Elvis: 'King Creole' FTD 2 CD Special Edition Classic Album

FTD-King Creole
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Follow That Dream (FTD) release of 'King Creole' in their very popular 'Classic Album' series. This 2-CD set features the original RCA masters, unique Thorne Nogar live monitor mixes* many of which contain slates, and original song demos. It features a 16-page booklet featuring great photos, behind-the-scenes chronology and memorabilia.

Track listing

King Creole

Disc 1

The Album

01 King Creole
02 As Long As I Have You
03 Hard Headed Woman
04 Trouble
05 Dixieland Rock
06 Don't Ask Me Why
07 Lover Doll
08 Crawfish
09 Young Dreams
10 Steadfast, Loyal And True
11 New Orleans

Bonus track

12 Danny

Thorne Nogar Live Mono Mixes

13 Hard Headed Woman (take 10 - master)
14 Trouble (take 5 - master)
15 New Orleans (take 5 - master)
16 King Creole (first version - take 3)
17 King Creole (first version - take 18)
18 Crawfish (take 7 - unedited master)
19 Dixieland Rock (take 14 - master)
20 Lover Doll (take 7 - unedited/undubbed master)
21 Don't Ask Me Why (take 12 - master)
22 As Long As I Have You (take 10 - master)
23 Muskrat Ramble (instrumental)
24 Steadfast, Loyal And True (first version - take 6)
25 As Long As I Have You (short version - take 4)
26 As Long As I Have You (long version - take 8)
27 King Creole (revised version - take 13 - master)
28 Young Dreams (take 8 - master)
29 King Creole (main title - instrumental - take 8 - master)

Recorded at Paramount

30 Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed record master)
31 Steadfast, Loyal And True (movie version)

Disc 2

Demos and Acetates (not featuring ELVIS on vocal)

01 King Creole
02 Trouble
03 Dirty, Dirty Feeling
04 New Orleans
05 Hard Headed Woman
06 Dixieland Rock
07 Crawfish
08 As Long As I Have You
09 Danny
10 Don't Ask Me Why
11 Lover Doll
12 Young Dreams
13 Steadfast, Loyal And True
14 Turtles, Berries, Gumbo
15 Banana

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