Elvis: Sold Out Volume 1 Special Edition DVD Set

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Was: $54.54
Now: $36.32

New re-release of volume 1 in the 'Sold Out!' fan shot 8mm series. Upon its initial release in December 2020, 'Sold Out volume 1' caused quite a furor in the Elvis world. And for many, it opened the doors to a new area of collecting. Some of the high-end collectors were dismayed with the fact this footage 'escaped', but many fans were thrilled that these unique 8mm films were now available to them at an affordable price.

We've gone back to the original high-resolution transfers to redo this classic title from scratch. No more watermarks or logos on the footage, what you get here is the best 8mm footage around in the best possible quality. No alterations, no edits – just the real deal, as originally filmed. Each of the 19 films has been newly mastered with superior results. This remains the most enjoyable release celebrating The King live, as captured on 8mm.

We have received numerous requests recently to reissue this classic title, which is now going for crazy prices in the Elvis world. Hence, we are pleased to announce this complete revamp of 'Sold Out volume 1'.

We do realize that now that 8mm footage is suddenly being offered everywhere, that it can be confusing for some to figure out what is essential - and what is not - but many would agree that this title is all you really need. This is really the best of the best. And for the first time, the liner notes tell the inside story behind this game-changing release, with an account that will shock and surprise some of you.

The original Volume 1 that came out 2 years ago was done by another person who didn't master it correctly. Volumes 2-18 were done by the same person and said person has re-done volume 1 removing all logos from the films and all the watermarks, making it much sharper

So this re-release is the only volume to be re-done, this is the DVD that set the Elvis world alight, the films are incredible and even better now. 

After this re-issue, volume 19 is the next release in the series. 

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