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Elvis Relive CD : Spankox Remix Album : Elvis Presley


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On August 1, DJ Spankox, (Re:Volution, Re:Loaded, Re:Mixes, Christmas Re:Mixes, Re:Generation, Re:Born) will release a new remix-album, 'Elvis Relive'.And the producer states that 'it is an innovative and forward-thinking album that includes fantastic new modern versions of a selection of Elvis Presley's hits that preserve the original artistry and enhance it with better and fuller instrumentation'. (Listen for yourself via two samples below). All the songs feature Elvis' original voice, restored and enhanced using the most advanced technology for an amazing listening experience. The track list of Relive includes, among the others, new versions of We're Coming In Loaded, Suspicion, Tutti Frutti and Shake Rattle And Roll. It also includes ten additional bonus tracks from some of the best previous releases, for a total playing time of 53 minutes. The album Relive is the best ever celebration of Elvis and his music in a whole new context. This cutting-edge album, produced by Grammy nominated producer Ago Carollo, is a new milestone for the King and a must have for every Elvis fan. It truly is Elvis as you've never heard him before.

Elvis Presley Video. Listen to We're Coming In Loaded (02:00)

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Elvis Presley Video.Listen to Tutti Frutti (02:31)

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Elvis News Latest Audio (and video) updates : Video courtesy of Elvis Presley Video.Elvis Presley Video Central.

Relive is a wonderful musical experience, so creative and so contemporary, that places Elvis in a current context and appeals to fans of all ages and all kinds of music. The surprising freshness of these songs grabs you and shakes you and testifies to the remarkable artist Elvis remains to this very day. Relive is the album that far better than any other builds a bridge between Elvis' music and a whole new generation of fans.

'Before Elvis, there was nothing' said John Lennon and Elvis Presley remains one of the most iconic and powerful forces in popular culture. With the power of his voice and a swivel of his hips Elvis shattered the status quo, revolutionizing the worlds of music, film and fashion. 'The Elvis revolution continues today with Relive - says the producer Ago Carollo - and the new sound echoes Elvis' own versatility and ability to master all music genres. I deeply love Elvis and the goal of the whole production of Relive was to capture and enhance the excitement of the original recordings. I invite all Elvis fans to listen and enjoy Relive'.

The new album Relive is a modern studio masterwork that presents the essence of the King from a contemporary perspective while giving a boost to the revolutionary impulses of Elvis' sound. Elvis' music lives with Relive.


1. We're Coming In Loaded (Relive Version)
2. Please Don't Drag That String Around (Relive Version)
3. Suspicion (Relive Version)
4. Tutti Frutti (Relive Version)
5. Earth Boy (Relive Version)
6. Riding The Rainbow (Relive Version)
7. Shake Rattle And Roll (Relive Version)
8. I Got Lucky (Relive Version)
9. A Whistling Tune (Relive Version)
10. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care (Relive Version)

Bonus tracks:

11. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Relive Version)
12. Good Luck Charm (Relive Version)
13. Little Sister (Relive Version)
14. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame (Relive Version)
15. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Relive Version)
16. You Give Me Fever (Relive Version)
17. I Gotta Know (Relive Version)
18. Baby Let's Play House (Relive Version)
19. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Relive Version)
20. Jailhouse Rock (Relive Version)

About Ago Carollo, producer

Ago Carollo is a progressive producer, composer, sound engineer, artist, singer and deejay also known as Spankox. He's the creator of Elvis Presley's hit remix of Baby Let's Play House which brought the King back to the top of the international record sales charts in 2008. He also produced Elvis' first official remix album, Reversions. He then produced six others, praised by some of Elvis' original producers, songwriters and musicians who also joined him onstage for live concerts. With his original song Fly Away, released under the stage name Eyes Cream, he reached in 2000 the n. 1 spot of the Billboard USA charts. He recently received his first Grammy Nomination for his contribution as songwriter, producer and singer to the last album of Spanish superstar Miguel Bosé. You can find him performing as deejay in some of the best clubs of the planet or directing innovative music & arts events featuring orchestras and live musicians.

Elvis Relive CD : Spankox Remix Album

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