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Elvis Has Left The Building DVD & CD

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PAL/NTSC Region Free

Elvis Presley CD The DVD (Special Double Program)

Feature #1

'Elvis Has Left The Building'

The Elvis Has Left The Building DVD features reports, mainly from the Dutch, Belgian, German and U.K. television, but also from the USA, on the death of Elvis Presley.

There is no way to describe the effect that Elvis' death had on a television audience 30 years ago. In every country, on every network, broadcasters rearranged their schedules to carry special news programmes and documentary footage marking the end of an era. No death of any entertainer has ever been given such a massive amount of air-time, both in the USA and around the world. It would be impossible to present to you every news bulletin from every country, but the producers of this commemorative programme have gathered together some of the most important 'breaking news' items of the time which will give you a feel for the emotions which were running wild at the very moment when Elvis Presley's death was announced.

This unique time capsule will transport you back to August 1977 when fans around the world mourned the passing of the greatest entertainer of all time, when Elvis Presley left our building. We thank those broadcasters who have generously let our production company have access to their archives. Please note that some of the material used was recorded off-air and included for historical content, as not all TV companies archive their footage, so the quality of each news report will vary. We hope that you appreciate this documentary piece of TV history.

The DVD also contains reports from the NBC and BBC as well as reports directly from Memphis on August 16 and 17 1977.

Feature #2

'Elvis Is Dead'

A collection of news reports - All in English - from local and major TV on the passing of Elvis Presley, recorded August '77.

  1. August 16, 1977 TV News
  2. August 17, 1977 TV News
  3. Funeral
  4. ABC News
  5. CBS News
  6. Love Me Tender TV Special

Elvis Presley CD Free bonus CD disc

The Elvis Has Left The Building CD disc is from the producers of Crazy: The Funny Side Of Elvis Presley and as the title indicates, this CD contains original radio and television broadcasts from August 16th and 17th, 1977, reporting the death of Elvis Presley.

On this 78+ minute release, you can follow the news as it happened first the unconfirmed rumours, then the confirmation from the hospital and Elvis' friends, the speculations about the cause of death, tributes from around the world, reactions from grieving fans, and a real 'heartbreaker' the first interview with Elvis' father Vernon Presley at ca. 16.30pm on August 16th, only a few hours after Elvis' body had been found. On this release you can listen to this unique interview in unedited form for the very first time.

Another highlight is a long excerpt from the 'Elvis What Happened' press-conference (much more than what is usually used in the various documentaries), where Sonny West discusses the controversial book.

Also included a very special 'bonustrack' an unreleased recording of Elvis backstage with several Japanese fans, recorded just minutes before the Midnight Show on August 9th, 1973. As private backstage recordings with Elvis are extremely rare, this is an amazing scoop. It's an interesting insight into the man to hear how he interacted with his fans he's very courteous and repeatedly thanks them for the gifts that they had brought along to Las Vegas for him. You even get an insight into the Colonel, as you can hear him shouting in the background repeatedly!

A fascinating piece of 'Presleyana'.

All recordings were digitally remastered with great care by Otto Meszaros, whose work on the Czech releases has been praised by many fans.

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