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Elvis : The Hottest Thing That's Cool Hardcover Book (Elvis Presley)


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The Hottest Thing That's Cool contains 111 pages full with beautiful Elvis photos, with mostly photos from various locations such as New York (Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen Show). The second part contains photos from a performance in Richmond, Virginia. The foreword is written by Robert Ward and it is definitely worth reading it!

The first part is full suprises such as: Elvis' handwritten lyric from 'Don't Be Cruel' this lyric is possible written when he was in the army because there's a stamp on the lyrics with his name, army I.D. and his division is also marked. Also a lot of old singlesleeves and old promotion material are printed. The photos are amazing i mostly like the 50's, so i do not have much comments.

I can go on and on...especially a 50's fan must have this item in his collection.

Elvis : The Hottest Thing That's Cool - Elvis Presley Photo Book

Hardcover 23.5 cd x 27 cm

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