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Barbra Streisand 'Partners' CD featuring a duet with Elvis Presley


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Barbra Streisand's album, 'Partners' includes a duet with Elvis, the CD features '12 inimitable new Streisand duets with the world's greatest male vocalists'. This is the legendary artist's first duets album in more than a decade, and debuts new studio recordings of Streisand classics and others songs.

Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Listen to the Barbra Streisand / Elvis Presley duet, 'Love Me Tender'

Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Barbra Streisand on singing 'Love Me Tender' with Elvis (02:11)

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'Partners' is comprised of 12 songs, many of which are regarded as Streisand classics. Among the songs included are 'New York State Of Mind,' with Billy Joel, 'Come Rain Or Come Shine,' with John Mayer, 'Love Me Tender,' with Elvis Presley, 'The Way We Were,' with Lionel Richie, 'What Kind Of Fool,' with John Legend, 'People,' with Stevie Wonder, 'I Can Still See Your Face,' with Andrea Bocelli, 'Evergreen,' with Babyface, and Ms. Streisand's first studio-recorded duet with her son Jason Gould, on 'How Deep Is The Ocean.'

1. It Had To Be You (w/ Michael Bublé)
2. People (w/ Stevie Wonder)
3. Come Rain Or Come Shine (w/ John Mayer)
4. Evergreen (w/ Babyface)
5. New York State Of Mind (w/ Billy Joel)
6. I'd Want It To Be You (w/ Blake Shelton)
7. The Way We Were (w/ Lionel Richie)
8. I Still Can See Your Face (w/ Andrea Bocelli)
9. How Deep Is The Ocean (w/ Jason Gould)
10. What Kind Of Fool (w/ John Legend)
11. Somewhere (w/ Josh Groban)
12. Love Me Tender (w/ Elvis Presley)

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